Saturday, January 20, 2024

Agents as Dominants


While volunteerism should be strongly encouraged among Nagarathars, especially in serving temple needs. Nevertheless, in some temples in Malaysia, the agent of Kariyakarar became the barrier to discourage and disallow Nagarathars (pulli) to recite katthiyam. Being a senior citizen of age, rather than encouraging the youngsters, it turned up being more of discrimination, where favoring the other kittangi agents and their best friends whom is deemed as involved in “Samy alangraram”(including non-pulli). When questioned, he stated, it has been written on a list (sitthai).

My question is “sitthai” is not carved on a stone and why wasn’t is announced publicly for volunteerism. In addition, how could they classify on people who are involved in “Samy alangraram” are volunteers. How about nagarathars who volunteer for Chariot cleaning, temple cleaning, carriying Samy, serving food during temple events etc.

In a year, there are atleast 12 occasions to recite katthiyam, they can offer the opportunity to 12 different Nagarathars, rather than having 3-4 Nagarathars to dominate throughout the year. To make it worse, some kittangi agents even recites it atleast 4 times a year (by wearing long pants) and another kittangi agent came through back door to recite for the 1st time last year (where he struggled too). While Senior Nagarathars should be leading examples, but they are the ones whom are wearing modern costumes, yet still struggles to recite katthiyam, although they have been reciting for more than a decade.

Temple management should be more of servant leaders with humbleness, humility, and modesty.   But over here, even to recite katthiyam, there’s so much of politics.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Hard Rock quote for Rock Heart people

 Love All, Serve All is the motto/tagline for Hard Rock cafe. For a person whom has been going to the cafe at multiple location (including Tokyo,Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney) and being the collector for the merchandises, their quote and service quality level is at the optimum.

Never once, they have failed to deliver wrong order, neither slowed response. In addition, the exchange of energy was there as their momentum, attitude and energy was also at the optimum level.  

End of the day, they are there to perform the responsibility /duty given to them and make customers happy. Regardless, he/she is your enemy/traitor/terrorist, your job is to serve them, as their are the customer or stakeholder.

What's the use completing half century, yet portraying vengeance while serving people. Should you not comfortable serving certain people, better don't do that task at all.

While good one unite and idiots divide, sadly certain people has injected the virus within themselves and their life successors (who could become life failure), as their attitude portrays their real character. 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Laughing stock...

What he said could be partially true. End of the day, the management could just issue a simple apologetic statement and close of the issue. but now, they appear to be sweeping under the carpet.

Management need to be humble, rather than being egoistic...None of them are being salaried, apart from free month dinner or lunch plus some free coconuts and banana.

Even a signboard spelling was not been adequately reviewed and the management became a laughing stock...

But his statement on the prosperity of their family is true... 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Lost but still stand tall

 Malaysia had to accept the strength of mighty Thailand yesterday in Bangkok at AFF cup.

Going with 1 goal advantage was not god enough as Thailand scored 3 back. The thai team came will full strength on attacking mode and capitalised the silly mistakes of Malaysian Players. During the 1st half, there were only 1 shot on target and overall of 3, which is poor for a semifinal match, and Thai controlled 67% of the game. 

With this, quest for 2nd cup and 1st sup after 13 years still in waiting. 

1st of all, we have to understand that Kim Pang Gon had to come with 2nd team as main 11 to 13 players who were from JDT were not released by the club, as AFF was not FIFA sanctioned tournaments. That's where VAR was not used, which caused controversies during the Vietnam match and Thailand match (1st leg).

It would have been a different ball game, should JDT players played the tournaments, especially players like Mathew Davies, Arif Aiman, Safawi Ahmad. Nevertheless, my salute goes to Kim Pang Gon, whom managed to get the backup team, within short span of time and came to this level. It was worrying at the ginning, when Malaysia merely beat Myanmar by 1-0. Nevertheless, they improved their game later during Singapore and Laos match. 

It was great to see players like Rowley, Stuart, Darren, Brendan, Quinten, Lee tuck, Dominic stepping up. I definitely prefer these players, compared to liridon, sumareh and paulo.

Thailand and Vietnam will play each other in 2 leg finals, whom re also group champions. Vietnam, on other hand have yet to to concede any goals. 

While Malaysia have another chance to improve their image during the Asian cup championship this year , whatever it is, National team have to buck up.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

Was Samy Vellu a success story or a failure?

I received below from a whatsapp group. I can't deny much, as there's truth in it too. Though, we have to see both sides, whatever seen on mainstream media was only on the positive side, well we always had the other side to see. 

"Was Samy Vellu a success story or a failure?

Love the man or hate the man, he was a unique (not necessarily towering) personality. At this moment of his death much is being said by individuals about how this man helped them. 

Many got money fro him. Many got scholarships from him. Many got money from him to pay their rentals or electricity bills. Many got money from him to pay off Ah Longs and many got money to even get their kids married. A few businessmen were also created by him. 

The list actually goes on. He was very helpful to many individuals. He helped many who came to see him for help. He would dish out money to them in one way or another. He also donated to many Indian NGOs who would come to him for help to put up buildings. 

Yes, the list is long but why is then Samy Vellu hated by the many, many people, especially the young, the educated, the intellectual and the likes?

Here is why. Whilst he gave out plenty of handouts to the poorer segment of the community, he actually compromised the future of the young generation of Indians in this country. He actually sold out the future of the young generation to racist & apartheid policies that the UMNO regime under Mahathir Mohamed were implementing. 

We all know now that Mahathir was and still is a religious bigot and a towering racist. So Mahathir’s only agenda when he come to power was the dominance of Islam and the suppression of the Chinese & Indians under the NEP and to push for pro Muslim & Malay policies, which even the Malays now realise that these policies have actually weakened them intellectually and even morally. 

Unfortunately, Samy Vellu had already been compromised in terms of his integrity by Mahathir, just like Ling Liong Sik. Mahathir knew a lot about their wrong doings, not to mention Maika. So the ground was perfect for Mahathir to bring in Religious & Racist policies which neither Ling or Samy Vellu would object to. 

Even the extreme step taken by Mahathir one morning to try and declare Malaysia as a Muslim Nation was not objected by either of them. The opposition under Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh had to battle tooth & nail to stop this. 

The compromise of Samy Vellu was devastating. The Indians lost jobs in the Government. The Indians would not get contracts in government tenders. No more admissions in local universities. Even recognised Medical universities in Russia were de-recognised by Mahathir because they had a high enrolment of Indians. No business opportunities. No licences. Not even Indian stall on the great North South Highway that he apparently built. 

The Indian had to fend for themselves. No Education, Employment or Business opportunities. Yes,  Samy Vellu was dishing out some pittance to those who went to him to beg for help. 

But, from the policy angle of the government, literally everything was taken away from the Indian community by Mahathir and the subsequent UMNO regimes during Samy Vellu’s era. 

Thousands of parents sold their homes to educate their children. Many borrowed money and many many many talented kids were denied education because they could not get admission into local university due to the apartheid policy of the NEP, which is still in force today. 

Actually, this article can go on and a book can be written about what a great failure Samy Vellu was for the community at large. How the Indian community continues to produce the gangsters, labourers of today in Malaysia. It was all due to the compromise of Samy Vellu who did not speak up when he ought to have spoken up for the right reasons. 

Dear Tun Samy Vellu, we know you worked hard. We know you probably tried hard as well.  But, we are very sorry Samy Vellu, you were not the leader the Indian community in Malaysia needed. You lacked the vision and the intelligence and you lacked the integrity to take the community forward even though you had control of the MIC which at that time was the mouthpiece of the Indian community. You lost that too. 

We bid you farewell with a very heavy heart that you failed us miserably. 

Good Bye Samy Vellu.

👌Samy Velu was a puppet whose strings were controlled by Mahatir."

Thursday, September 23, 2021